The Challenge

The explosion of real-world data produced by a new generation of smart devices, machines, and sensors creates incredible business opportunities. However, 95% data doesn’t make it to the cloud. Latency, resilience, security and network cost are tough challenges to overcome. Data needs to be securely and agilely managed, analyzed and acted upon, as close to the data source as possible.

The Solution

A unified platform, meeting the needs of Edge Computing

Virtuosys’ Revolutionary Edge Application Platform is a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution that not only brings high performance distributed computing close to the edge, but is designed to support multiple applications running simultaneously.

This secure, easy-to-deploy, self-healing platform brings state-of-the-art communications and a virtualized application environment, creating a hyper-converged edge that gives customers a price-performance advantage.

  • Autonomous operation when there is loss in coverage between the Edge and Cloud
  • Lower latency – applications are nearer to the source of information
  • Reduced capacity on backhaul links as data is processed locally
  • A truly open platform that enables third party applications
  • A distributed compute platform that is resilient, reconfigurable, and future proof

Open Development Platform

Customer developed Edge Node Applications

Supports multiple languages

Linux development platform

Push to the Virtuosys App Store


Secure bridge between Edge Network and Management Services

Device Authentication


Central Management of Network

Virtuosys App Store, deploy to the Edge

Enterprise Edition or hosted in the Cloud


Secure transport agnostic network

Self healing mesh

Backhaul Redundancy


Coexisting Applications on Edge Nodes

Operate independently of backhaul connectivity

Micro-services API, register, discover, use


Central and Edge Orchestration

Applications at the Edge and in the Cloud


Localised Management by Mobile Device

Edge Node API

Android & iOS Apps