Next Generation
Edge Application Platform

What if it was easy to add secure cloud capabilities closer to the source of the data?

By thinking differently, we’ve come up with an exciting solution to manage the edge.

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Introducing the Edgier Cloud
Virtuosys’ Next Generation Edge Application Platform

Current Model

Virtuosys Model

High-performance, cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-deploy, distributed computing close to the edge.

Virtuosys combines distributed computing, communications and a virtual application environment to bring the power of the cloud closer to the edge than ever before. Our Managed Edge Application Platform is changing the economics and efficiency of edge computing for the benefit of Internet of Things (IoT) and business service companies.


Eliminate unsecure data distribution beyond the Edge, combined with secure Cloud-Edge device management.

Cost Savings

Locally process data gathered at the Edge, reducing data volume to the Cloud and Total Cost of Ownership.


Reduced network latency through Edge data analysis over a high speed distributed and resilient Edge network.

Edge Development Kit (EDK) and Sample Apps Available Now

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